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This section displays a list of all the past MDM actions that were performed and logged within your organization.

From this section, you can:

  • Export the data

History list

By default, the History list displays 10 logs per page, but you can increase this number by clicking on the Rows per page drop-down. Click on the arrows to move from one page to another.

All your organization logged actions will be displayed in the History list but you can filter them:

  • Date range: searchable drop-down with date preselected date ranges (Last 24 hours, 7 or 30 or 90 days)
  • Event: searchable drop-down with the events that can be logged (Create; Delete; Put in fleet; Put in organization; Put in repair; Put in stock; Update)
  • Item type: searchable drop-down with the item types an event can apply to (Device; Fleet; Profile; Application; Member; Session; Access Token; Export; Action Token)
  • IP: search field, you can filter the logs on any IP address
  • Token ID: searchable drop-down with a session ID, you can easily select all the actions performed during a single session using this filter

History details

  • The information displayed in the History table:
  • The user or API token who performed the action
  • The event description: creation, deletion, etc.
  • The item type the event was applied to: a Device, a Fleet, etc.
  • The item(s) affected by the action: a list of Device Famoco ID, a Fleet name, etc.
  • The Date and time of the action
  • The Token ID of the user session
  • The User IP

By default, all the available fields are displayed. If you want to remove some, you can:

  • Click on settings
  • Check / uncheck the fields you want to view / hide on the history table
  • Click on SAVE

History actions

History export

  • Click on the EXPORT icon launch
  • Select the History headers that you would like to export
  • Click on the EXPORT button to download the report