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Billing FAQ

Why is my organization in read-only mode?

The organization is in read-only mode due to outstanding MDM invoices. The organization will be moved to the active mode once the invoice(s) have been paid. You can find the invoices on the customer portal.

This portal is accessible only by one e-mail address for each organization. If you do not know your login, please contact us at and specify the name of your MDM organization or your subscription ID that you can find in the e-mail you received.

How Am I being charged?

• Yearly subscription: It’s a 1-year prepaid subscription and you will be billed in advance for the total number of devices that are present in the MDM organization. The minimum engagement period is 12 months.

• Monthly subscription: It’s a 1-month prepaid subscription and you will be billed in advance for the total number of active devices. There is, therefore, an adjustment of the invoice at each period according to the number of terminals In the field. The minimum engagement period is 1 month.

Who is in charge of the billing portal?

Only one person (i.e. one e-mail address) per company can have access to the billing platform. This is usually the person who placed the first order. If you wish to know or change the designated person, please contact us at, and specify:

  • The name of your MDM organization
  • The subscription ID that appears in the billing e-mail
  • The e-mail address you wish to use to access the payment portal

Note: If you are managing multiple subsidiaries, we will bill the main company. (if you are in charge of that) So a company can be billed for one or more subscriptions. (one MDM organization = one subscription) Each subscription has a billing date. (monthly/yearly depending on the subscription that you chose)

How do I modify my subscription?

For any change request, you can contact your account manager at Famoco. If you do not have his contact details, send an e-mail to specifying:

  • The name of your MDM organization
  • The subscription ID

I want to suspend my subscription temporarily (in pause mode)

It is possible to request Famoco to put your MDM account in pause mode during periods of inactivity. To do so, please send an email to specifying:

  • The name of your MDM organization
  • The reason why you wish to suspend the subscription
  • The duration of the suspension

Note: When a subscription is paused, access to the MDM platform is restricted (no modifications are allowed) and the devices will not be able to synchronize with the MDM.

Contact us when you wish to reactivate the subscription. Once active, a new invoice will be generated automatically. (Applicable for a monthly or a yearly subscription)

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please contact your sales account manager at Famoco or send an e-mail to

Note that:

  • We particularly insist on the fact that this operation is final and irrevocable.
  • Your devices will no longer synchronize with the MDM platform. All data will be erased.
  • Your MDM organization will be deleted hence you won’t have access anymore.

I want to pay the MDM invoices, but how?

There are different methods to pay online on the payment platform.

Online methods(recommended):

  • Credit Card VISA/Mastercard
  • Direct Debit
  • PayPal Express Checkout


  • "Prepaid" and "American Express" credit cards are not supported.
  • If you wish to pay offline by bank transfer, send us an e-mail to specifying your organization name and the subscription ID.
  • When making the transfer, we advise you to specify the invoice reference starting with "CAJ-2.... " to facilitate processing in the Accounting Department.