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FX300,2 Imager (Android 6)

The Famoco FX300,2 device has a built-in 2D scanner.

Native Behavior

You can actually use the scanner out of the box:

  • In order to use the scanner on the devices, you only have to press and hold one of the side upper buttons.
  • The device will stop scanning when either a barcode is scanned, or the button is released.
  • This is possible thanks to the Laser Scanner service running in background in the OS.
  • To give an example of what is achievable, you could read a barcode directly in an input text field. The value of the scanned barcode will then be placed in the selected text field.
  • You could specify the wanted behavior after that a barcode is scanned in: Settings > Laser Scanner > Post scan action:
    • None : don't do anything
    • Next : goes to the next field
    • Line : inject a next line end (selected by default)

Custom Behavior

You could also design a specific behavior for the scanner and develop you own application to:

  • Bind the physical buttons to trigger the scanner
  • Design the scanner behavior in the code To achieve this, find below the requirements:
  • Place the specific SDK for the FX300,2 in the app/libs folder of your Android project
  • Put the right permissions in the AndroidManifest.xml file:
    • <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BARCODE_SCANNER" />
    • <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />
  • Disable the Laser Scanner Service on the device in `Settings > Laser Scanner (Unfortunately, this action is not yet possible through the MDM, but it will be improved soon).
  • The side buttons are accessible with the following key codes:
    • KeyEvent.KEYCODE_F2 = upper left side physical button
    • KeyEvent.KEYCODE_F1 = upper right side physical button
  • Load the libraries with the code below in your activity:
static {
     try {
         System.loadLibrary("barcodereader44"); // from Android 4.4
         Log.i(TAG, "Barcode scanner drivers loaded");
     } catch (Exception e) {
         Log.e(TAG, "static initialization  block", e);

Demo application

Please find here a sample application which will help you to build you own custom application.

Please find here the same application compiled that you can directly install on a Fx300,2 through the MDM or ADB.