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PX320 OTA upgrade to 1.5

PX320 with firmware from January 2019 cannot be upgraded, please contact us by email if it is the case

It's highly recommended to perform the update by WIFI (download size is 671Mb)

Upgrade process

  1. Download these two APK files "FamocoUpdaterSettings-PX320,1_v1.5.0-20200605.apk" & "FamocoUpdater-4.4.0.apk" :

  2. On the MDM, create a new fleet and profile called "PX320 Upgrade". Add your own applications and only "FamocoUpdater" for now

  3. Sync the device to install "FamocoUpdater"
  4. When synchronisation is succesful and "FamocoUpdater" is installed, add "FamocoUpdaterSettings-PX320,1_v1.5.0" to the profile
  5. Sync the device again
  6. A pop-up should appear, telling you that an update is available, press "OK"
  7. Wait until the download finish, file is about 671Mb
  8. When download is done, you should have a pop-up saying "Download finished", press "OK"
  9. Device will reboot and perform the upgrade
  10. Put back the device in it's original fleet or remove both FamocoUpdater apps from the profile

You must follow the steps in this order (install FamocoUpdater before FamocoUpdaterSettings), or the pop-up will not appear

Checking firmware version

From the dashboard, press the down arrow under the serial number (010377...), OS version should say "PX320,1_v1.5.0-20200605"