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How to Over-The-Air update your device

MDM allows the creation of Software Update Policies in order to set up the remote update of the devices’ Famoco OS and Famoco Layer.

MDM Software Update is currently a feature with restricted access that Famoco is rolling-out progressively. It can be temporarily altered, some modification can also occur during the roll-out phase.

To know if you have access to this feature, search for a Software update section in the MDM main menu.

Set up software update

  • Go to the Software update main menu
  • To add a new software update policy, click on the +NEW button. A modal window opens.
    • Give your new policy a name
    • Switch on the Software update
    • Fill-in all the settings you desire. A detailed PDF user documentation is available: PDF user doc.
  • Go to the Profile main menu, edit the profile you want
    • Open the Software update sub-section (last one)
    • Select the Software update Policy you want to execute to the devices applying the current Profile.
    • Save
  • Make sure you devices are ready: the whole Software Update process requires Famoco Layer v 2.33 (or above) installed on the device. To update the Famoco Layer, please get in touch with our support team: