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Software Update

MDM allows the creation of Software Update Policies in order to set up the remote update of the devices’ Famoco OS and Famoco Layer.


The whole Software Update process requires that Famoco Layer v 2.33 or above is initially installed on the device. From the MDM pages, you can configure the Devices list in order to display the Famoco Layer Version header. Device users can also check the Famoco Layer version in the device’s Dashboard: long press the volume up button to launch the Dashboard, open the Device Information section and scroll to the About section and watch for the FMS Agent version. To update the Famoco Layer, please get in touch with our support team:

Updating the OS may impact the operation or performance of installed applications. MDM does not provide any downgrade mechanisms to fall back.

We strongly advise you to first update a few devices with a considered OS version and to carefully test your apps before updating a full fleet of devices.

Famoco OS and Famoco Layer update will impact your bandwidth consumption.

The Software Update main menu, associated with a shield icon, gives access to the software update policies list.

The Software Update Policies page lists the current organization’s software update policies.

Add a new Software Update Policy

To add a new software update policy, click on the “+ New” button. A modal window opens.

Fill-in all the fields as described below and click on the SAVE button.

Software Update Policy main settings

  • Name

    This policy name will be displayed in the Profile options, choose an explicit name. Mandatory field, 100 characters max.

  • Comment

    Optional field to store any information you want, only displayed in the Software Update list (not in profile), 256 characters max.

  • Software update switch

    This switch defines if the policy triggers Famoco OS and Famoco Layer updates (switch is displayed in green: Devices) or not (grey version: Devices). This toggle allows to temporarily pause software updates for all the devices applying this policy and then to resume: all the other settings are hidden but kept and reused when software update is enabled again. Please note: a check for update is performed from the device regularly, therefore the pause and resume are not immediately effective after updating a policy.

Famoco OS settings

Those settings are displayed when software update is enabled.


  • Famoco OS version

    This setting allows you to determine which Famoco OS version you wish to install, model by model or globally. All the OS Target settings are displayed with a grey background. The default setting is “All models” / “No update”, it will not trigger any update at all.

    Click on + NEW MODEL SETTINGS to add a specific model setting.


    A Select Model drop down appears, it contains a list of unique models currently in the field and synced (e.g. if you’ve got at least one FX105,1 with a In the field Maintenance Status and Synced status, the FX105,1 will appear in this list).

    Devices Devices

    Once you have selected a model, it is possible to modify its Famoco OS version with Latest version (the corresponding device models will be updated with the latest available OS version) or a specific version. The update size is displayed next to the version number.


    Once one or several models are set, the “All models” setting is labelled “Other models”. This “All models” / “Other models” setting can be changed from “No update” to “Latest version”.


  • Update Mode

    This toggle allows you to decide if the device user sees a Famoco OS update notification (“Notified upgrade”) or not (“Silent upgrade”). Notification is displayed on the device as a toast message (non clickable text displayed on top of other apps that disappears after a short timeout).

    Default setting is “Silent upgrade”.

  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet only

    When this switch is activated (green state), the Famoco OS update is downloaded only using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, in order to save Mobile data bandwidth consumption.

    This option is activated by default.

  • Download and Installation Schedule

    This toggle allows you to schedule the Famoco OS download and installation process during time slots of your choice. You can choose to perform the update “Anytime” (download and installation can happen randomly anytime during day or night) or “During selected time slot” (download and installation can happen randomly during a timeslot of your choice: device local time must be between the Start time and End time).

    Download (long process) will halt at the end of the time slot if not completed and will resume another day. Installation (short process) will not start less than 15 minutes before the end of the time slot and is not halted once started (it will likely be completed during the time slot but in edge cases it may be completed slightly after the end of the time slot).

    Default setting is “Anytime”.


Famoco Layer automatic update

When the Software update switch is activated, the Famoco Layer may be updated on all models. A Famoco Layer update will require some download (likely less than 10MB).

Profile Setting

Once you have created some OS update policies, you can apply them, profile by profile.

Select a profile and click on the edit icon (pencil shape). A modal window opens. In the Software update section, select the software update policy name that will be applied to the profile.

A “No Update” policy is selected as the default option. Select a policy from the list and click on the SAVE button.

The devices applying this profile will start updating their software based on the selected policy.