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Remote Control FAQ

Introduction to Remote Control

Q: What is the remote control feature in the MDM SaaS solution?

A: The remote control feature in the Famoco MDM (Mobile Device Management) SaaS (Software as a Service) solution allows administrators to remotely access and control mobile devices that are enrolled in their organization's MDM program. This feature enables administrators to troubleshoot issues, perform updates, and configure settings on the devices without requiring physical access to them.

Q: What are the devices compatible with ?

A: Limited to FX105, FX205, FP201, FP202, Famoco Tab

Q: What are the Android OS version compatible with ?

A: Only available on Android 8 and above devices

Q: Which version of the Famoco Layer do I have to consider to use the Remote Control feature ?

A: This feature will require the Famoco Layer version 3.7.0 or later

Q: How do I access the remote control feature?

A: To access the remote control feature, you must have subscribed to the Remote Control feature. Once you log in to the MDM dashboard, navigate to the device you want to control,click on the side panel, and then click on Start session. This will launch a new window where you can view and control the device remotely when the user has started a session from the device.


Q: How to start a session from a Famoco device ?

A: The user will have to click on the Remote Control App which has been automatically loaded in the Applications section when the feature has been subscribed to. The fleet’s profile has to be updated to download this application on the devices. Then a simple click on Famoco Live Support application launch the service. Next step is to click on Start, which will set up the device to start a session. When the administrator has started on portal side, a small window will pop up on device screen asking for user opt in, validate and then the session starts.


Q: If my network has firewall restrictions, what are the ports to consider to communicate with the Famoco Remote Control server ?


  • UDP : From 10 000 and 10 500 for the communication between the device and the Janus server
  • UDP and TCP : 3478 for the STUN server

Q: What actions can I perform using the remote control feature?

A: Using the Remote Control feature, you can perform a range of actions on the device, including:

  • View the device's screen in real-time
  • Navigate the device's interface using your mouse and keyboard
  • Launch, close, and switch between apps
  • Adjust settings and configurations
  • Reboot or shut down the device

Q: Is Remote Control secure?

A: Yes, remote control in the MDM SaaS solution is secure. All remote control sessions are encrypted using industry-standard security protocols, ensuring that data transmitted between the device and the administrator's computer is protected from unauthorized access.

Q: How does the remote control feature help with troubleshooting?

A: The remote control feature allows administrators to troubleshoot issues on mobile devices remotely. By accessing the device's screen in real-time, administrators can identify and diagnose issues more quickly and accurately than relying on user-reported information. Additionally, administrators can perform actions on the device, such as adjusting settings or rebooting the device, to resolve issues remotely.

Q: What happens if the remote control connection is lost?

A: If the remote control connection is lost, the remote control session will be terminated, and the administrator will need to reconnect to the device to resume control. It is recommended to ensure a stable internet connection and monitor the remote control session closely to prevent disconnections.