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Famoco Cloud Services


Depending on your network configuration, you may need to whitelist domain names and/or IP addresses to access our MDM servers.

For further details regarding IP addresses, please consult the following page: MDM IP Addresses.

Famoco MDM allows administrators to set up Access Point Names (APNs), which are essential for accessing the Internet and Famoco Cloud services via cellular data. APNs serve as the intermediary between the device and the Internet, typically configured by the cellular service provider. They are pre-configured upon SIM insertion. However, there are instances where organizations prefer a segregated private network for device connectivity via cellular data.

Famoco offers a Cloud Services app, allowing administrators to test device connectivity to Famoco Cloud endpoints before deploying devices and apps in the field.

You can download the app from here: CloudServices-release-v3.0.3.apk.

The application indicates whether the domain name has been correctly added to the whitelist, enabling the device to effectively connect to Famoco servers.

You can view an image demonstrating this:


Service Protocol Domain
MDM (Mandatory) https & http
Sync (Mandatory) https
OTA Server (Mandatory) https
Location (Mandatory) https
Time Server (Recommended) ntp
Push Server (Recommended) https & http
Insights Server (Recommended) https & http
SUPL (Recommended) https
EPO (Recommended) https
Remote Control (Optional) UDP : From 10 000 and 10 500
Maps (Optional) https


  1. SUPL: Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) is a protocol used in mobile telecommunications networks to provide location-based services (LBS) to mobile devices.
  2. EPO: Extended Prediction Orbit (EPO) files allow GPS devices to predict where satellites will be in the sky, which reduces GPS acquisition time.