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Release Notes

MDM 2.20

May 2023 - Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Software Update Policy : new feature : ability to update OS and Famoco Layer (MDM agent) separately
  • Battery information : new indicators available Battery level and Battery status via Device section
  • API Access Token : enhancement of information display with a new field Creation date

MDM 2.19

February 2023

  • Internal release modifying the Billing mechanism of the MDM.

MDM 2.18

November 2022 - Release Notes (PDF format)

  • New menu and feature: Look & Feel / Branding of the Famoco Layer (requires Famoco layer version 3.9.1 or above)
  • New feature: notifications allowing Famoco to inform the MDM users of upcoming releases
  • New profile feature: allow users to set a rule so APK downloads are done only through Wifi/Ethernet, and not through Mobile Data (requires Famoco layer version 3.9.1 or above)
  • New and improved export mechanism
  • UI improvements in the Maps menu
  • Improved overall stability of the platform
  • Many bugfixes and minor features

MDM 2.17

May 2022

  • Improved the whitelists feature
  • Added mechanism to add or remove multiple applications at one time from Profiles
  • Added feature to request a device reboot at next sync
  • Improved overall stability of the platform
  • Many bugfixes and minor features

MDM 2.16

December 2021Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Fleet Scoped Roles
  • Commercial Name
  • Whitelists form back to the profile menu
  • Additional information for devices which have labels
  • Add filter for device notes
  • Add dashboard permission to custom role permissions
  • Other
    • Performance improvements
    • API improvements
    • Dead code cleaning
    • Miscellaneous small fixes

MDM 2.15

August 2021Release Notes (PDF format)

  • New Famoco Layer
  • Warranty Date Display
  • NTP Servers Configuration
  • Geofencing V1

MDM 2.14

May 2021Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Application Essentials
  • Device Controlled Connectivity
  • Software Update status

MDM 2.13

March 2021Release Notes (PDF format)

MDM 2.12

February 2021Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Famoco Device Software Updater | PDF user doc
  • User interface
  • Map fixes

Device Software Update requires an initial Famoco Layer setup with v2.33 or above.

Famoco Layer v2.35.1 for Android 6+ only:

MDM 2.11

November 17, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Device Sync Audit Log
  • Famoco Layer Version
  • Extended Application Search in Profile Modal
  • User Login and Organizations List in My Profile

MDM 2.10

September 22, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Device Labels
  • History
  • Sync Frequency Options Update
  • Applications Upload and Multiselection

MDM 2.9

June 23, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Custom Identification
  • NFC Android Beam
  • Network Location Map Rendering
  • Sync Frequency Option Update

MDM 2.8

May 13, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Regular Devices GPS/Network Location Processing
  • New Location IP Estimate Text Rendering

MDM 2.7

April 1, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Device Location GPS Persistency with Date and Accuracy
  • Proper API Error Messages

MDM 2.6

March 23, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Application File Delivery Optimizations
  • Improved SSL Sessions for Devices Sync
  • Network Time Protocol Over FMS
  • Dashboard Connectivity Check

MDM 2.5

February 4, 2020Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Devices Notes
  • Custom Roles
  • Profiles List
  • Persistent Filter Settings
  • Improved and New Maps Tools
  • Other Devices List Upgrades
  • Clickable Locker Icon

MDM 2.4

November 5, 2019Release Notes (PDF format)

  • App Whitelist
  • Actions History
  • Members, Action Tokens and API Access List
  • Old Interface Shutdown

MDM 2.3

July 30, 2019Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Applications File Max Size Increased to 300MB

MDM 2.2

June 17, 2019Release Notes (PDF format)

  • Password Strength Meter
  • Main Menu and Dashboard New Layouts
  • Devices, Fleets and Applications Lists
  • Device Side Panel