This section displays a map with the current organization’s devices known GPS position or estimate from IP.

Nine filters allow you to search devices: Famoco ID; Fleet; Profile; Sync Status; Model; Heartbeat; IMEI; Maintenance Status; Owner. The number of devices localized on the map and the number of devices found are displayed top right of the map (“8 devices localized out of 10” when the filter search finds 10 devices, including 8 that can be positioned on the map), depending on the zoom level some positioned devices may also be hidden.

Each organization device is rendered on the map as a blue device icon. By hovering a device, you can display a tooltip with the device ID and its Owner’s name (if any). You can access a device’s detailed information by clicking on the blue device icon to display the corresponding device side panel.

When several devices are located in the same area, they are clustered and their position is rendered as a coloured circle and a number indicating the number of devices in the cluster. The cluster uses a few shades of blue based on the number of clustered devices (darker when there are more devices). You can click on a cluster to zoom in and display blue device icons and/or sub-clusters. When it is not possible to zoom in or when several devices have the exact same position, clicking on a cluster renders each device icon next to the cluster.

From any device side-panel (from this section or from the Devices section), it is also possible to access directly to the device map by clicking the “map” link displayed in the Location section.

The device position is retrieved during each synchronization. If GPS is enabled on the device and if a GPS position has been computed and stored, then the last stored position is synced and used to render the map. Failing that (GPS is not enabled or no position has been computed yet since the last device reboot), an approximate position is computed based on the device IP during sync and rendered on the map .The side-panel displays the position coordinates (e.g., “48.85820, 2.33870”), the localization method and sync date (e.g., “From IP, on Aug 27, 2018, 10:55” or “From GPS, on Nov 11, 2019, 8:15”).

It can take up to a few minutes to compute a GPS position and the device sync doesn’t trigger GPS positioning, therefore the synced GPS position is a value stored on the device as the last known position. This value can sometimes be erased (during reboot). If there is no recent location request by applications (or if the device is in a building and unable to receive satellites signal), the synced GPS position may also be obsolete.

Please note that the map doesn’t render the positioning method (GPS/IP, this information is available in the side-panel), nor the position computing date (the sync date is available in the side-panel), nor the position accuracy. Device position on map can be obsolete and/or inaccurate.