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A fleet is a group of devices to which the same settings are applied (through the profile associated to the device).

You can create multiple fleets and assign different Profiles to them which allows you to have multiple groups of devices with different settings.

From this module, you can:

  • View the fleets that have been created within your organization
  • Perform the following actions:
    • Add fleet(s)
    • Edit fleet(s)
    • Remove fleet(s)
  • Export fleet related data


Fleets table

By default, the fleet table displays 10 fleets per page, but you can increase this number by clicking on the Rows per page button.

If your organization contains more fleets than the number of displayed rows per page, click on the arrow to move from one page to another.

All the fleets of your organization will be displayed in the Fleets table but you can filter by typing the name of the fleet you are looking for in the search bar.

Fleets details

The information displayed in the fleets table:

  • In use
    • The dark grey lock means that the fleet contains at least 1 device
    • The light grey lock means that the fleet is empty
  • The name of the fleet
  • The profile associated to the fleet
  • The number of devices that are currently assigned to the fleet with a link to the device table

By default, all the available fields are displayed. If you want to remove some, you can:

  • Click on the Three Dots icon
  • Select the option ‘Configure Devices Table’
  • Uncheck the fields you don’t want to view on the fleets table

Fleets export

  • Click on the EXPORT button
  • Select the fleet fields that you would like to export
  • Click on the EXPORT TO CSV button to download the report

Fleets actions

Add a fleet

  • Click on the ADD button
  • Name your fleet
  • Select a profile to associate to this fleet from the dropdown list
  • Click on SAVE button
    • The profile is displayed in the Profiles Table

Create Fleet

Modify a fleet

  • Select a fleet to modify
  • Modify the fleet settings according to your needs
  • Click on SAVE button

Edit Fleet

Remove a fleet

You can only remove a fleet if it is not associated to the device(s) (open locker)

  • Select the fleet to remove by checking the corresponding box
  • Click on the REMOVE button
    • A pop up is displayed to confirm the deletion
  • Click on the button DELETE
    • The fleet will be removed from the fleet table

Delete Fleet