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Customizing the Boot Animation

The Famoco devices support boot animation customization. Follow the steps below to personalize your devices.

How to create your boot animation

  • Create a new directory called bootanimation
  • In that directory, create an empty file called desc.txt
  • Considering that your bootanimation can have several sequences, you should have as many folders containing the related pictures as the number sequences of your bootanimation
    • Create directories for each sequence in your animation. You can call them partX with X being a number (part0, part1…)
    • the first part should be part0

1. The pictures should be PNG formatted

Place your PNG files in the corresponding sequence directories (partX), in their correct order: - 00.PNG - 01.PNG - 02.PNG - ...

Make sure there are not hidden or dotfiles, like .DS_Store files for instance, in the directories. Android would try to load them as images, breaking the whole animation.

2. Fill the desc.txt with the following information

File format:

[device_screen_px_width] [device_screen_px_height] [Frame_per_second]
p [sequence_repetitions] [delay_between_repetitions] [sequence_directory]
{p [sequence_repetitions] [delay_between_repetitions] [sequence_directory]}


  • p : defines a sequence which will be read
  • device_screen_px_width : width of the device's screen
  • device_screen_px_height : height of the device's screen
  • Frame_per_second : speed of the bootanimation / number of pictures contained in the folder of the related sequence which will be read per second
  • sequence_repetitions : the amount of times that we want the related sequence to be read. 0 (zero) would mean infinitely, until the device's boot ends.
  • delay_between_repetitions : time to wait between each repetition of the related sequence. It is expressed in the number of frames, which can be translated into time by dividing it by the frame rate.
  • sequence_directory : the folder which contains the pictures for the related sequence


320 480 10
p 1 1 part0
p 2 3 part1
p 0 0 part2

Example meaning:

  • This example represents a bootanimation which will be launched on a device with a screen size of 320x480.
  • It will be played at the speed of 10 pictures per second
  • The first sequence of pictures, contained in the folder part0, will be played 1 time
  • The second sequence of pictures, contained in the folder part1, will be played 2 times
  • The third sequence of pictures, contained in the folder part2, will be played infinitely until the device's boot ends, without any pause between each reading

PS : At the end of the file, you should put an empty new line.

3. Create a non-compressed zip archive (STORE mode) of the bootimage directory

With the command line under Linux or Mac OS : zip -r -0 ./ * (being in the bootanimation folder)

How to install and display

  1. With the command line
    • To install your boot animation:
      • Android 4 devices : adb push /data/local
      • Android 6 devices : adb push /cache/famoco/media
    • To play your boot animation: adb reboot
  2. With the MDM
    • Add the file in the desired profile
    • Sync a device linked to that profile
    • Reboot the device

Click here to download a sample boot animation.

Famoco Device's resolution

  • FX100 : 480x320
  • FX200 : 480x854
  • FX300 : 480x854