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Quick Start

General navigation

From any page of the MDM, you can:

  • Use the left side navigation panel to access the main platform sections.
    Available sections are: Dashboard; Devices; Fleets; Profiles; Applications; Action Tokens; API Access; Maps; Audit Logs; Membership.
    Some of the sections may be hidden for a user (based on member role and/or the organization bundle).


When the mouse hovers the menu panel, an expand/collapse icon is displayed at the top. The folded layout shows the menu icons only.

Navigation collapsed

  • Switch organization, if you manage several organizations you can click on your current organization name to open the organization switch modal dialog.
  • notifications View the system notifications
  • help Get access to the help section
    • MDM documentation
    • Developers documentation
    • REST API documentation
    • Chat with us (when available)
    • Terms & conditions
  • account_circle View/Modify your profile settings
    • Email (read only)
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Password
    • List of organizations with associated role (read only)

Start using your devices

Please find below a quick and simple procedure to start using your devices immediately.

Add applications to your organization

  • Go to the Applications section (the default APP LIBRARY page loads)
  • Click on + NEW
  • Drag & Drop the APK or click inside the dotted area to select the APK from your computer files
  • Click on UPLOAD
    • The uploaded application is displayed in the Applications list

Create a profile

  • Go to the Profiles section
  • Click on + NEW
  • Name and configure your profile according to your business needs
  • Click on NEXT for each step and on SAVE at the end of the process
    • The profile is displayed in the Profiles list

Create a fleet

  • Go to the Fleets section
  • Click on + NEW
  • Name your fleet and select the profile to apply to this fleet
  • Click on SAVE
    • The fleet is displayed in the Fleet list

Assign devices to a fleet configuration

  • Go to the Devices section
  • Select the devices using the checkboxes
  • Click on the PUT IN FLEET icon
  • Select a fleet from the drop-down list
  • Click on the button NEXT
    • A pop-up confirms the move
  • Click on the button CLOSE

Synchronize your device(s)

  • Turn on your device(s)
  • Configure your Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • Depending on your Famoco Layer version either:
    • Press and hold the volume up button for a few seconds OR
    • Click on the refresh icon in the Connectivity section of the device Dashboard (available from Famoco Layer version v2.0 onwards)