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The Insights section aims at providing actionable insights related to your devices.

Introduction to Insights

With the MDM 2.22 release, you'll have access to:

  • A global dashboard in the Insight main page
  • Table and Charts related to Device Health
  • Table and Charts related to Device Activity

Future releases will enrich the content of Insights with new sub-sections, new indicators and new capabilities.

Insights are provided through AddOns which require to be subscribed on top of your MDM Core Plan. If the AddOn is not activated in your MDM Org, you can access to a DEMO of its content showing the full capabilities of the feature (with false data). Please refers to your Famoco Sales Representative if you want to subscribe to this AddOn.

Device Activity

In the Device Activity subsection, you'll have access to the following insights, in both Table and Charts:

  • Activity Status
    Device activity status in the last 2 hours. The Last Activity Date indicates when the metric has been calculated.

  • Activity Sessions (only in Table) Each time period during which the device has been active during the last day (from midnight to midnight UTC).

  • Total Activity Duration (only in Table) Time duration during which the device has been active during the last day.

  • Activity Timetable (only in Charts) Number of active devices per hour during the last day.

  • Top 3 Applications
    Most used apps during the last day (in Table) and total activity duration during the last day of the 3 most used apps (in Charts).

FAQ - How is calculated the Device Activity status?

As of now, the Device Activity status is based on the apps in foreground. By default, all apps (except System apps) are considered in the Activity calculation. The device activity status can be:

  • Active: a device is active when at least one app is in foreground.
  • Inactive: a device is inactive when no app is in foreground OR if the device is not connected/ not send activity logs.

FAQ - How can I refine the Device Activity calculation?

You can choose & select the apps used for the Device Activity calculation through the REFINERS > Package Name. It enables you to refine the calculation of the Device Activity based on apps which are important for you to monitor. You can do either in the Table or directly in the Charts for each Device Activity metric.

Device Health

In the Device Health section, you'll have access to the following insights, in both Table and Charts:

  • Battery Health Status
    Estimation of your device battery health calculated by Famoco. The Last Battery Health time indicates when the metric has been calculated.

  • Battery Level
    Battery level of the device (for the Chart, in the last 2 hours). The Last Battery Info indicates when the measure has been taken.

  • Battery Plugged Status
    Battery plugged status and type of plug of the device (for the Chart, in the last 2 hours). The Last Battery Info indicates when the measure has been taken.

  • Battery Events (only in Table) Battery heating events* per day (from midnight to midnight UTC).

FAQ - How is calculated the Battery Health Status?

The calculation is based on the voltage, specifically the charging curve. We trace the curve throughout the entire device charging process and determine the slope at its conclusion. By analyzing the slope of the curve, we can infer the battery health. Our observations reveal that the higher the curve, the better the battery health.

FAQ - How should I interpret each value?

  • Very Good: Very good means that the battery is like new.
  • Good: Good means that the battery has been used but keeps good performance.
  • Bad: Bad means that the battery may not last as expected and may deteriorate performance.

FAQ - What is the data historicity required for its calculation?

As of now, 7 charging cycles are required. In practical terms, it corresponds to one week period of data computation for standard battery usage. This might change in the future.

FAQ - What are device prerequisites?

  • Android 8+
  • Probe 1.3.2 installed in the device

FAQ - What are battery usage prerequisites?

The calculation exclusively occurs between 50% to 100% of the battery charge. If the user doesn't charge its device beyond 50%, the Battery Health Status is not computed. Currently, the calculation takes place only when the battery is AC plugged, as USB charging yields insufficient data and affects the charging curve.

FAQ - What happens if I change the battery?

The impact of a battery change on the indicator computation is not immediate; it requires at least one week of data computation.

FAQ - What are Battery Events?

As of now, Battery Events are related to the temperature of the battery: a Heating Event is generated when the battery temperature exceeds 50°c.

FAQ - How did we define the Heating threshold?

When the battery maintains a temperature of 50°C for an extended duration, it poses a potential risk to battery life. This threshold aligns with battery manufacturer guidelines. See guidelines and details in the dedicated page of the Famoco Help Center.

Charts with Insights

In addition to the last information for each device available in Tables, you can create and customize charts in Charts subsections (Health or Activity metrics) and the Insight section (all metrics).

You can create new charts very easily:

  1. Click on ADD CHART on the right
  2. Select the metric you want to get on a chart

Once created, you can customize the chart:

  • Apply Filters:
    • Fleet (available for all charts)
    • Last period (for some charts)
    • Duration min & max value in minutes*
  • Change chart type (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, etc)
  • Change charts colors, size, etc
  • Chart settings are saved and stored for future usage.

*For Activity Timetable and Top 3 Application, this filter enables you to display only the devices or apps which have been used: - Min XX minutes. - Max XX minutes.

Prerequisites to use Insights

The Probe (which is currently the only data source for Insights) can be installed and work in any Famoco devices, with a Famoco Layer version 3.5.0 and above.

However, most metrics of the MDM 2.22 (in particular Device Activity and the Battery Health Indicator) will not be available if the device doesn't meet these requirements:

  • Android 8 and above
  • Famoco Layer version 3.7.0 and above
  • Probe 1.3.2 and above