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From this module, you can:

  • Perform the following actions
    • View application(s)
    • Add application(s)
    • Remove application(s)
    • Download applications(s)
  • Export application related data


Applications table

By default, the Applications table displays 10 applications per page, but you can increase this number by clicking on the Rows per page button.

If your organization contains more applications than the number of displayed rows per page, click on the arrow to move from one page to another.

All the uploaded applications of your organization will be displayed in the Applications table but you can filter by typing the name of the application you are looking for in the search bar.

By default, all the available fields are displayed. If you want to remove some, you can:

  • Click on the Three Dots icon
  • Select the option ‘Configure Devices Table’
  • Uncheck the fields you don’t want to view on the applications table

Applications details

The information displayed in the applications table:

  • In use
    • The dark grey lock means that this application is being used by at least 1 profile
    • The light grey lock means that the application is currently not in use
  • The icon / label / package name / package version name / package version code
  • The size of the application

Applications export

  • Click on the EXPORT button
  • Select the application fields that you would like to export
  • Click on the EXPORT TO CSV button to download the report

Applications actions

Add an application

  • Click on ADD button
  • Drag & Drop the application or click on the screen to select the APK in your computer
  • Click on UPLOAD
    • The application is displayed in the Applications Table

Add App

Remove an application

You can only remove an application if it is not used in a profile

  • Select the application to remove by checking the corresponding box
  • Click on the REMOVE button
    • A pop up is displayed to confirm the deletion
  • Click on the DELETE button
    • The application will be removed from the Applications Table

Delete App

Download an application

  • Select the application that you want download from the Applications Table
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button

Download App

Update an application


Make sure the new APK have different package version name and package version code compared to the one to update. The MDM handles app uploads by using their version code and package version name. When uploading a new APK you should follow the official Android guidelines concerning the versioning of your APKs. Here's a summary of those guidelines:

  • package: A string with the following structure com.companyname.applicationname
  • Package version name: A string value such as 1.0.1 or 1.1.0
  • Package version code: An integer value that should always be incremented. If this is not done the app update will be ignored on the device

Update an application on the MDM

  • Go to the Applications module
  • Click on ADD
  • Drag & Drop the APK or click on the dialog to select the APK from your computer
  • Click on UPLOAD
  • Go into the Profiles module
  • Select the profile containing this APK to update
  • Click on the button EDIT
  • Remove the old APK
  • Add the new APK on the same device's profile (just after the deletion of the old one)
  • Click on the button SAVE
  • Synchronize the device