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The FX300 is not available anymore for sale and is being replaced by the FX325. We encourage our customers and partners who have FX300 devices to upgrade to the latest version of the firmware (FX300_v1.13.0_20180822) by deploying the following APK through the MDM to their devices. Once installed, the device will silently download the latest firmware image. Discover how to update your device in video.


The FX300 is a ruggedized mobile computer (IP67) that integrates a long-range barcode scanner. It is based on Famoco OS – Android OS for businesses – and let you easily deploy the app you need. This pocket-sized terminal is natively connected to Famoco Mobile Device Management to give you the ability to control it remotely.

The FX300 is sturdy and easy to grip, ideal for continuous use by field workers. This Android ruggedized barcode reader is resistant to shock, water, and dust. Our mobile computer FX300 suits the logistics market, factory equipment, healthcare industry, and transportation. It has been chosen by a prominent European rail network to equip controllers.

Device version

Device Android version
FX300 4.4
FX300,2 6