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Support of HTML5 WebApps on Famoco devices

Like any other Android device, Famoco professional devices support hybrid applications and full web-based HTML5 applications developed with various technologies like Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic etc.

Making use of the sensors of the devices is supported with the integration of Cordova plugins. Some plugins already exist and are compatible with sensors on Famoco devices (Camera, battery, GPS sensor...) : you can find the official repository here.

Famoco does not provide any plugin for specific sensors (PX320 barcode imager, FP202/FP201 fingerprint sensor, FP202 contact card reader) but some customers already developed their own Cordova plugin.

Detecting the current version of the Webview component installed on the device

adb shell pm dump | grep version

sample output

versionCode=368312000 targetSdk=28
versionCode=246011960 targetSdk=21
versionName=44.0.2403.119 (alps-mp-m0.mp1-9-arm)

Upgrading the WebView Engine

Some applications require a more recent version of the WebView component rather than the one originally shipped with Famoco OS images.

The WebView application shipped on Android 6.0 FX devices before June 2019 has version number 44.0.2403.119, and the one on Android 8.1 FX devices has version number 61.0.3163.98.

All the new images starting from end of June 2019 embed an updated WebView component with version 73.0.3683.120.

Upgrading the Webview component on your existing Famoco devices requires to deploy a signed APK through the MDM :

OS Download link version
Android 6.0+ download 122.0.6261.90